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Prudentway Prudent Way PWI-AC90SE - 90W Universal, Slim, Compact, No USB Port

Prudentway Prudent Way PWI-AC90SE - 90W Universal, Slim, Compact, No USB Port

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• Output Power (Max.) - 90W

• Overload Protection - Yes

• Fanless - No noise

• Short Circuit Protection - Yes

• Line Regulation - ±6%

• Load Regulation - ±6%

• Switching Mode - Universal switching-mode power adapter for notebooks and LCDs

• Special Connectors - 15 Pieces Tip Connectors

• Including 7.4*5.0mm & 4.5*3.0mm with pin for Dell/HP, New USB Connector for Lenovo 4.8x1.7mm for HP, 3.0x1.0mm for tablet, 4.0x1.35mm for Asus. Dell Tip 4.5x30 (optional)

• Efficiency - > 87% (TYP)

• Unit Size 4.93"(W) x 2.25"(D) x 1.25"(H)

• Net Weight - 9 oz

• Package Contents:Prudent way (PWI-AC90SE) 90W AC Netbooks. Laptops and LCDs Power Adapter 15 Tips Connectors, User Manuals

• Limited Warranty One year

Company Overview

Prudent Way Inc designs and markets consumer electronic products in the fields of computer power supplies, universal adapters, and inverters. Originated its name from Proverbs of Solomon “I, wisdom, dwell together with prudence to find out the knowledge of witty inventions”, Prudent Way builds its products based on the principles of innovative design, product effectiveness, simplicity and value. All of our products are developed with this concept in mind. Most of our products are environmental friendly and meet the highest RoHS standard. We believe that business is only a means to help human beings have a better life. We not only practice this concept in our product design but we also contribute a portion of our proceeds to needy people and communities.

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