Xigmatek Vector S750W CPA-075SEV-U51

Brand: Xigmatek
Product Code: CPA-075SEV-U51
Product Name Vector S750
Power 750W
Dimension 165mm(L) x 155mm(W) x 86mm(H)
Power Factor PF > 0.9
Cooling System 135mm fan, Max. 1800RPM±10%, 0.27A, 96.52CFM
Hold-up Time 17 ms
Noise Level 16dBA ~ Max. 26dBA
Input Voltage 100-240VAC or 230VAC only (Two models)
[NOTICE]Please note the AC input wattage on power supply package before purchase, model of 230V AC input only is not workable in 100~115V countries.
Input Frequency Range 47~63Hz
MTBF 120,000 hrs minimum
Input Current Max. 15A
  Max/Min Regulation Ripple & Noise Output
+3.3V 24A +5,-5% 50mV 170W
+5V 30A +5,-5% 50mV
+12V1 32A +5,-5% 120mV 744W
+12V2 32A +5,-5% 120mV
+12V3 32A +5,-5% 120mV
+12V4 32A +5,-5% 120mV
-12V 0.5A +10,-10% 120mV 6W
+5Vsb 3.0A +5,-5% 50mV 15W
Total Power 750W
Operating Temp. 0°C to 50°C
Storage Temp. -20°C to 70°C
Operating Humidity 20% to 90%, non-condensing
Storage Humidity 20% to 95%, non-condensing
 UVP: Under Voltage Protection
 OVP: Over Voltage Protection
 OCP: Over Current Protection
 OPP: Over Power Protection
 OTP: Over Temperature Protection
 SCP: Short Circuit Protection
20+4pin * 1 12V 4+4pin * 1 12V 8pin * 0 PCI-e 6+2pin * 4 Molex 4pin * 4 FDD 4pin * 1 SATA * 6